Overshot Wheels

To be used when we are dealing with a flow rate with a range of up to 1m cubic / sec. and with jumps  from 2m to over 12 m

It is a Vertical Wheel  moved by the fall of the  water which hits the blades at the top slightly beyond the axis.

In the normal Overshot wheel the water passes beyond the top of the wheel and has a contrary rotation to the output flow; while in the  Backshot wheel, the water falls before, losing kinetic energy and with a contrary rotation to the flow of  entry.

The water collects in the cells of one half of the wheel, which makes it heavier than the other half empty: thus the weight turns the wheel until the water comes out when reversing the direction of the blades.

The Overshot Wheel transforms all the flow of water into energy, without the need that this flow is fast. A difference of the Undershot wheels, the Overshot wheel has the advantage of better exploit the gravity and the kinetic energy of the motion of the water which is partially transferred to the wheel by adding extra energy.

It is ideal for hilly or mountainous areas, and does not require large capacities, but with yields close  to 90%, to which we add the absorption of the transmissions, generator and electrical parts.

It requires only two supports and of course also of  the channels of entry / exit with safety grid from 15/20 cm. and a compartment for the electrical panels.

As all wheels, to vary the flow rate is not necessary to make adjustments, and produces a virtually constant efficiency up to 20% of the design flow rate.