Breastshot Wheels

To be used when we are dealing with a flow rate with a range of up to 3m cubic / sec. and with jumps under 4 m

The Vertical wheel with rotation caused by the fall of the water in the vicinity of the axis, or just above it. The Breastshot wheels are less efficient than the Overshot wheel, but more efficient of the Undershot wheels . A Breastshot wheel requires a channel with masonry strictly adhering to the sides to contain the water in the cells as they progress downward.

The  Breastshot wheels are suitable for constant flow and high flow rate; particularly for plain areas with yields that are close to 80%. to which we must add the absorption of the transmissions, generator and electrical parts

This type of wheel always requires limited civil works and is housed in the channel, with safety grid from 15/20 cm. and a compartment for the electrical panels

As all wheels, to vary the flow rate is not necessary to make adjustments, and produces a virtually constant efficiency up to 20% of the design flow rate